Significance of AURA and How to cleanse it

Significance of AURA and How to cleanse it

Posted On: May 3, 2020

Aura, for many of us a very familiar word we have been hearing since childhood. For others, it might be a new word. With this blog, I’ll try to explain the concept of Aura and what it means for you.

When we talk about spirituality the first basic thing we learn is Aura. It is simply because Aura is the first thing we should know much before we peep into the world of spirituality. You can say it is the gateway to knowledge and without knocking it we can’t get in the realm of spirituality.

Now when you hear the word Aura what comes in your mind? May be a vibration from a person or a colour like rays. Well you are almost there!

The body’s external subtle-energy field can best be described as an Aura – a rainbow of light surrounding the body. Those sensitive people who can see delicate bio-energies say that the colours within the Aura are constantly changing, depending on our state of health, emotions and spiritual development. In Hindu tradition, it is called ‘Prana’; in China, ‘Ch’i’; while in ancient Greece Pythagoras wrote of ‘vital energy’ being perceived as a luminous body.

Your Aura is a coloured energy field that surrounds your body. With clairvoyance practice, you can see Auras. Seeing the human aura is an ability that we have either had since childhood or can achieve through intense spiritual discipline.

People who practice seeing Aura often pose this question “Does each of us see people’s auras differently?” This is a most common question asked and very important. Each time we have a glimpse of a rainbow, it is always in front of us and our back is to the Sun; since no two people can ever be in exactly the same place at the same time, each person sees a slightly different rainbow. In the same way, we each see people’s auras differently, because we are looking through our own perspective at their auric field. In this case there is no right or wrong.

Our auric field and subtle energies are ‘coloured’ by our personal strengths/ weaknesses, health/ sickness, happiness/ sadness, love/ hate and the degree to which we commune with our spiritual life. Paying attention to a person’s aura will tell you much more about the person than words alone.

Animals and plants also have auras. And because plant auras are less complex than human auras, they are well suited for practising ‘aura viewing’.

Many researchers now agree that the human energy field provides an energy matrix upon which physical cells grow. This means that the energy exists before the physical body. They have shown that disturbances in the auric field eventually manifest as disease in the physical body, meaning that healing any imbalance in the aura will assist the body to resist illness.

It is very vital to protect your Aura and maintain on a regular basis. As now we know that your Aura can be easily disturbed and depleted. Spiritualist call it as Aura cleansing. Aura cleansing is about clearing stuck energy that has accumulated in the aura and is stopping the flow of energy around the person.

At the time of lockdown, the most important practice is ‘Social Distancing’, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meter. This is the distance of ‘Personal Zone’ of any human being. When someone comes close to you i.e. less than 1.5 meter, they enter your personal zone.  Both of you have stepped in each other’s auric field. Hence, to avoid stepping into each other’s auric field specially saints and sages of ancient India always used to maintain a distance with everyone. Even they used to bless people from distance. From there comes the culture of “Namaste” in India. This practice used to help people specially the Yogis and Spiritual Masters to maintain their Aura.  

How many times we go to some busy places like Malls, big gathering, fairs, etc. and come back home with feeling absolutely drained? It’s because our Aura has been effected by stepping into many people’s personal zone and vice versa.

People having their ruling planet Uranus (Rahu), Neptune (Ketu) and Saturn (Shani) are very much prone to Auric disturbance as well as physic attacks like absorbing negative energies (anger, jealousy, curse, etc.) of others. To be precise people born on 4th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 25th, 26th, and 31st of any month. These people need to take extra care of their Aura and maintain / cleanse on regular basis. But this does not mean others are off the hook.

Maintaining / Cleansing your Aura

  • The most popular technique: Whenever you come back home feeling drained, immediately have a bathe with Himalayan Pink Salt or popularly known as Sendha namak in India. If you have a bath tub put a fist full of salt in the water and let it dissolve before you dip into it. And if you prefer shower then apply some salt all over your body (for coarse salt, grind it first before applying). Submerge your head under the water for 7 times and say prayers, intentions, words of empowerment – whatever you feel guided to do and ask for all negative energy around you and in your body to be released. When you are done with the bathe, watch all the water drain away and all the negativity leave you and the environment. After the salt bathe, you will feel your mood and energy uplifted indicating your Aura being healed.
  • The Combing technique: This is a visualisation exercise and can be done anywhere, in office, mall or in your home after or before bathe, literally anywhere and anytime. If you are in a public place all you have to do is go to a washroom or changing room etc. where you are alone and people not seeing you as they may think you have gone crazy. First, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Then spread your fingers into a comb and comb through the space surrounding your body starting at your head continuing downwards to the toes. Do it several times till you feel uplifted and guided that all negative energy around you and in your body, is released. Afterward, clean your hands again with running water allowing and imagining all combed up energies are getting washed away.

Hope you take care of your Aura and give your soul a warm hug!

Peace and Bliss!

Stay Safe and Happy!

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