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I had absolutely no idea about tarot card reading though always was curious about it. Wanted to experience this reading but was not sure where should I go. But after a reading with Pallavi my whole concept changed. From her only I came to know about tarot card reading which is the GUIDE of your life, it will show you the right path to walk in. Pallavi is thorough, accurate and honest.

Certainly, I will go again and recommend Pallavi to all who want to do their readings as I am sure everyone will be amazed to see how she works and help you to find the right way towards actions to live your life happily and peacefully.

Nabamita Biswas

Pallavi is truly a genius soul. No one compares.

After a reading with her and her phenomenal cards, I walk away speechless, wondering how she’s able to offer such pinpoint accuracy. It’s mind blowing! She’s thorough. She can look at a situation and see the truth about it, and even if it’s not what I want to hear, she manages to present it in a very positive way!

I’ve had reading when I wasn’t sure what to do about something, when I had a lot of changes going on in my life, and just when I was feeling like I needed a little guidance she gave me exactly what I needed, whether it’s encouragement for the path I’m on, or slight course corrections to get me close to my goal. And her readings always give me a tremendous sense ofempowerment to make the best possible choices. She doesn’t give you carnival predictions, she gives you clarity about life.

Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and great personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a Tarot Reading to be. She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer, and the skill of a master. And it’s because of all these qualities, she is the perfect person for your readings.

Sejuti Halder

I hardly had any faith in Tarot Reading. But after my consultation with Pallavi, my entire idea and perception of this science had changed. She not only told me my current personal and professional situation, but also guided me on what my next steps should be.

I had gained complete confidence in my decision-making capability. I feel more energised, clear visioned and uplifted with her apt psychic readings. Her readings have helped me steer my life to a new direction and get the best.

Deepika Chaudhury
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