Address Numerology: House Number 4: Discover the hidden meaning of your House Number

Address Numerology: House Number 4: Discover the hidden meaning of your House Number

Posted On: April 20, 2020

How many times you have walked in a house and felt immediately connected? And how many times you have lived in a house and said to yourself like “something is wrong in the house and I feel disconnected?”

Well! every space you live in whether it’s a house, apartment, townhouse or a condo, has a unique characteristic and energy. The numerology of your house creates a unique vibration. Hence, you need to make sure that your house or apartment number is compatible with you and your life purpose (and if it doesn’t then don’t worry, it’s easy to rectify and match up with your energy without any hassle and without changing your address). But with this you also need to remember, the numerology profiles of the people inhabiting the home will have the strongest influence of all. When you understand the nature of your House Number, you can accentuate the positives and minimize the challenges with the home.

How to Calculate Your House Number

In numerology, you need to distil your address into a single digit, which you can do by adding numbers together. For example, if you live at 87 Drew Street, you’ll take your address number (“87”) and add the digits together:

8 + 7 = 15, you get a double-digit number as a result, add again, 1 + 5 = 6, Your house number is 6!

As a Rule, ignore your Street name, City or post code. Just add the Number alone. If you live in an apartment, only use the Unit Number (for example your apartment no. is 122, only add up the unit no. which comes to 1+2+2= 5).

If you have letters in your address or unit number, add it up. For example, A 266 or 43 D (A =1, 1+2+6+6 = 15 = 1+5 = 6), you’ll add the letter along with the numbers, using the numeric equivalent of that letter, which is done by assigning it a number according to its place in the alphabet. Find the alphabet numbers below:

1 – A, J, S / 2 – B, K, T / 3 – C, L, U / 4 – D, M, V / 5 – E, N, W / 6 – F, O, X / 7 – G, P, Y / 8 – H, Q, Z / 9 – I, R

Let’s now explore the house number meanings and its associate challenges one by one. Watch this space for understanding the secrets of House Number 5 to 9 for the next consecutive 5 days.

What does House Number 4 reveals?

House # 4: Practical, Grounded, Order, Disciplined and Hardworking.

A 4 House Number is best suited to practical people who take their responsibilities seriously. This home promotes structure, order, and stability, so if you want to build a solid foundation for your future, this is the house for you. Great place to expand, grow your family and take control of your finances through solid investments. Also, a good place to seek knowledge and do long-term study. It is a good old-fashioned family home that will enable you to commit yourself to your goals. People peacefully living here are honest, orderly, economical, and not afraid of manual labour. Since they are excellent managers they are respected and well-liked in the community. They are the doers of our society.

Challenges: If you are a person who looks for adventure, excitement, innovation then this house won’t suit you. This house doesn’t provide free-flowing environment. This house inspires hard work and extra effort, so you might find hard to make time for fun and relaxation while living in this house. You might find yourself working too hard or getting too bogged down in your to-do list. The energy of this house is slow and steady. This house has got more of “serious” vibration.

Balance the energy of House Number 4 by managing your work with play/fun and practicality with emotions, so that the energy of this house can’t make you feel oppressive. The key to this house is by making step-by-step progress and making some measurable / practical goals. Make sure the foundation of your house is strong enough. Don’t leave any kind of repair work for latter dates. Enhance the vibration of this house by being more stable, organised and well managed. And remember slow and steady wins the race. This house will benefit from a nice garden as this house has the element of earth. Say no to micromanaging particularly if you live in house no. 13.

Decor your Number 4 House with Earthy colours like green, brown, beige etc. Colours should be even in this house. Wood furniture goes well in this house including hardwood floors. Place plenty of live plants in the interior of home and make sure it’s healthy and well established. Use of thicker curtains are highly recommended.

When you live in a right number that goes well with your energy and life purpose then everything flows very easily for you and you feel synergistic.

But when the House Number is not suitable for you, you may feel off, out of synch, nothing seems working for you. Your personality and house personality may clash. It’s like dating a wrong partner.

Enjoy your house if the House Personality matches with yours. And if it concerns you contact us and make your House Number compatible.

Next blog will reveal the meaning and challenges of House Number 5. Stay Tuned.

Peace and Bliss!

Stay Safe and Happy!

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